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Living or Dying - Covid-19
By Daryl L. Hunter

I have been having a recurring thought lately; did the elderly on the trains on their way to Auschwitz intuitively know what was at the end of the track? Did some welcome it as after a decade of cultural decay and persecution as it would be the dreaded outcome but oddly a relief?

Daryl Hunter and my dogteam in Alaska 1977
Me and my dogteam in Alaska 1977

A couple of decades ago I was visiting with my old friend Bernie Pruess who knew he was short on time, and he was reminiscing of how he believed he was the luckiest guy to have lived in the heyday of the USA and feeling it was all down hill because few anymore understand how American’s prosperity came about hence do not value the fundamentals.

I as the old person now, no longer look at living as I did as when I was younger and more vital, Today my vision tends to reflect on what was behind me because looking to my future logistically can’t be as shiny as my path to where I have arrived.

Economic collapse is looming on the horizon like a distant tornado that may or may not hit us as we balance on a knifes edge which anything can push us over the edge into recession or depression.  It appears to me, some of our officials are like storm chasers piloting a runaway locomotive recklessly pulling us toward the storm; others are like gamblers going for double or nothing.

Maybe it is just me, but I feel that we elderly are being used as an excuse or rationalization for continued shutdown of the economy to avoid a politically risky death toll for Covid-19, at the risk of international economic devastation which will inevitably increase the death tolls they likely will have to deal with another day. It is sad that today’s politics is always for today and not about tomorrow.

Summer of 2018 I was battling cancer not knowing whether the battle was going to be successful or not. I struggled out of my easy chair one day to sit in the afternoon sun; I pondered if I could accept this being the highlight activity of all my remaining days? The following January I got a cancer free diagnosis, but I was sicker than the previous summer in the sun because of an overlooked drug I was having a reaction to; and sadly still taking. The previous Thanksgiving and Christmas I couldn’t laugh or communicate with the family in a positive way, I was a bump on a log, or worse, a point of pity and a pall on celebration.   Although cancer free, yet still not being able to laugh or eat, I concluded although I was alive this wasn’t living. The function of breathing isn’t the defining criteria of life. I looked death in the eye, and it didn’t seem to bad. Three months later we discovered why I wasn’t getting well, I then fortunately resumed living.

Africa Safari I led in 2016

Most elderly to my observation accept our physical decline with aplomb and humor when possible.  Our aches and pains are mitigated by watching our progeny thrive. If we keep playing chicken with economic collapse, we will get the fate we are tempting.

Let’s be bold but mindful of the knife’s edge we must balance atop and the pitfalls if we fall off the edge. If political cowards or worse yet, others who will play Russian roulette with our economy for political advantage, want to use me as an excuse their cowardice or pawn of politics I say; cease and desist.

Make policy for those who dream of future success instead of those of us who’s thriving is behind us. If I can’t watch my progeny thrive while sitting in the afternoon sun, I like some on the German train will welcome the end of the track.

Thanks for considering us but take care of our children first.

Now if will excues me, I've still got some living to do
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