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I saw thiis in my mind a panorama landscape, them mountains were too small so I magnafied them with a 360mm setting on my 200-500mm lens. I saw in in my mind then made it so.

By Daryl L. Hunter

Seeing seems obvious, but it isn’t.  Seeing is a skill that is learned.

Cowboy Been there, done that, seen it all
Been there, done that, seen it all, 85 year old Blackfoot Cowboy

Every photographer’s quest starts with learning to see photographically; this is a well-known adage among photographers.   Learning to see though goes well beyond photography. The phenomenon of seeing goes beyond mere sight; to discern it as concept we should recognize seeing also as a quest for understanding.

Seeing is often more than photons striking the retina and signals being sent to the visual cortex. Different perspectives reveal, selective results.

As a child my perspective was limited and often choiceless, the process of growing created more opportunity to observe and discern through seeing.

Mother trying to see into the future

We open our eyes and we see, but that isn’t really seeing, it is merely vision.  Seeing is understanding, understanding is a process.  Not to diminish vision as the valuable metaphor it is, only vision of its simple form, recognition. Indeed, the phenomenon is so familiar it can become thoughtless.

My bumpy journey has been a process of looking, then seeing; on my way to understanding.  Unlike the seer, the non-lookers are unlikely to discernibly see, as they don’t care to try. They simple have no concept of what seeing can be.

What does it mean to see? The photographer’s answer would be to know, what is where, by the process of looking and how to create the desired reveal by sorting chaos by inclusion or exclusion. Many don’t look, they just plow forward.

Those with guidance have been gifted with focus through education, exponentially enabling early seeing and understanding, provided they listened.

Concept of seeing

Alfred V. Rascon Medal of Honor hero
Alfred V. Rascon Medal of Honor hero, not all seeing is good

Conceptual skills are skills that allow a person to see creatively. A person with conceptual skills will be able to understand the relationship between ideas, concepts, and pattern. Conceptual skills help us with lens choice for a desired effect; conceptual skills also facilitate business plans and life choices that aren’t full of holes. I am a work in progress.

Visual consciousness, distinguishing ‘looking’ from ‘seeing’ suggests that while we can observe something, are we seeing or simply “successful” looking?

The phenomenon we call “seeing” is just a case of knowing. What “knowing” is, could it be the result of the result of understanding. At best, it is clarification.

When we look for the “seeing,” we discover.


Thanks that I have seen.
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