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Musings and Reflections
  By Daryl L. Hunter  

Grizzly Bear Photographer Jim Osterhout

Age and pursuit • I am at that awkward stage of aging where I sometimes forget about it, usually while in pursuit of an elusive photo with a rapid expiration date.

Catch and Release - Food for the Soul • First a dimple like a tiny drop fell from a leaf onto the almost still but moving water. The gurgle below reminds me I am in the water.  Just above my knees..........
Fly-fishisher Jim Osterhout, casting for the illusive Fall Creek Falls trout on the South Fork of the Snake River
Great Grey Owl, snowing

Snow Birds As winter settles in on the Greater Yellowstone Region, the snowbirds fly south either by wing or by motor coach. Those of us that are more grounded either by work, finances, perverse adrenalin addictions, or a slavish dedication to the four seasons.........

Greater Yellowstone's Western Heritage • We drove the herd from Texas to the section where Butte Montana is now located. We started with 1,200 head and had the usual sore foot trouble with critters that had to be dropped, had occasional stampedes that caused more or less loss, but with the usual percentage of losses deducted, we still arrived with a herd of 2,400 critters.

Wyoming Working Cowgirl
Welfare Family, 1960

Welfare Anecdotally • My mom told us not to tell anyone we were on welfare. I didn’t see any reason to be embarrassed because she had a good reason to be on it.

Teeland's General Store • Old general stores had things like lamp chimneys; plumbing parts for those who had plumbing with such an array of stuff you would wonder where they kept it all. Of course the buyer couldn't find it, the proprietor would usually say: “I think I have one of those, let me see if I can find it.

Teelandss General Store, Wasilla Alaska (1977)
Mustang, orange sunset

My Free Horse • One day my neighbor Cheryl asked whether I’d like a free horse a friend of hers was trying to unload. I asked the appropriate questions of why the horse was free.

An Indian Buffalo Hunt for Yellowstone • Eagerly anticipating a great day of wildlife photography, upon cresting the hill at Golden Gate just past Rustic Falls, to my surprise I saw three tepees pitched east of the road along Glen Creek.

Native American Bison hunt for Yellowstone
Daryl L. Hunter

Racist Really? • As a boy of five years old, for a time, my family lived with my grandfather. An often-heard refrain from my Grandfather was; “All African-Americans should be sent back to Africa with a Mexican under each arm”. (Not his wording). I have always been inquisitive soul, and at five years old I met an African-American boy my age at the Independence Day celebration at

Christmas PresentGrowing up as a child in America, as all children, I loved the Christmas season, the Christmas tree, lights, lawn decorations, candy, mistletoe, cookies, Santa Claus, elves, reindeer and most of all presents, it was a magical time of year. Then later ............ rest of the story

The bright side of a glass; half empty

More than a generation has elapsed since our country has experienced any “real” hard times. I believe this disassociation with adversity is allowing the priorities of, some of us, and our progeny to get out of whack. Adversity provides a variety of lessons as it facilitates perspective that culminates in............

Love of the Seasons • I love living in a four-season place. Having found the sameness of Californian’s mild climate terribly boring. I love to see them come; I love to see them go.  Oh there are some I like better than others but there isn’t one of them I’d trade for the other.
Bighorn Sheep, Falling Snow
San Luis Obispo, my home town
All walks start with a first step, my walk began in an ugly place, not literally but figuratively, Born to the parents of alcoholics my earliest memories were or dysfunction and poverty. One day my mom had had enough and ..............

Living or Dying - Covid-19

A couple of decades ago I was visiting with my old friend Bernie who knew he was short on time, and he was reminiscing of how he believed he was the luckiest guy to have lived in the heyday of the USA

Seeing, take a look ~

Every photographer’s quest starts with learning to see photographically; this is a well-known adage among photographers.   Learning to see though goes well beyond photography. The phenomenon of seeing goes beyond mere sight; to discern it as concept we should recognize seeing also as a quest for understanding.

Family Values, a journey of discovery

During the presidential campaign of 1992 the Bush/Quail ticket's main plank in their campaign platform was "Family Values. Considering my cultural ambiguity, my opinion of a "Family Values" platform was: how lame,

Family values, family riding together
Daryl's Pond, Grand Teton National Park
My Waldon Pond

Deep thoughts by a shallow person

A few years at Waldon Pond brought Henry David Thoreau great clarity, and time to write of his reflections. One of his many observations was: “It is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look?"

Autoimmune Disease Of Society

In this land of riches, I often ponder the puzzle of why so many are so dissatisfied. Maybe because I was raised in poverty, I appreciate our bumper crop of opportunity more than those born into relative comfort. I love the golden goose of freedom the free market system where this guy born into poverty, ... rest of article


Empty Nest, now what?

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Wilderness - a few thoughts

The Resort Town Curse

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